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Are you looking for joy, growth and fulfillment in your new role as an Expat Partner in Germany?
Do you want to live the life you deserve?

​I will empower and support you to create success in your new Expat life, minimize your time to adapt and expedite your success!

Free webinar "​5 steps to ExpatJoy and Success in Germany"


This free Webinar is for you - whether you are an expat or an expat partner who is planning to move to Germany or has just arrived and is overwhelmed and struggling with all the tasks and challenges an international move brings along. Learn:

  • ​5 secrets to an expat experience in Germany that is more: meaningful, enriching and happy
  • ​How to overcome loneliness and face the fear of the unknown
  • ​Why purpose is the key to a successful expat life
  • ​The most common mistakes that expat partners make
  • ​The feel-good factors that come from achieving your goals


Terre N.


​Anja really helped me to understand the cultural differences between the United States and Germany and the reasons behind them. She completely understood the feelings that I felt but could not explain. Her knowledge of the area and positive mindset helped me to start a new life in Germany."

Roxana H.


​I can strongly recommend Anja's coaching to anyone relocating to Germany. I found the coaching very insightful and the topics covered extremely helpful. Even though I had moved several times and come from a multicultural background, I still had a culture shock when I arrived in Germany. Anja's professional and practical coaching helped me to settle in quickly and find my way as an expat. I highly recommend her coaching support to anyone moving to Germany."

Jane T.


​I am very thankful to Anja for all that she did to help me to settle into my new environment. She was very kind and supported me with all my concerns. She made me feel really looked after! She is very experienced and knows what she is talking about. She knew just the right questions to ask to help me to identify and address the difficulties that I had. Thank you!"


Master your transition successfully

Re-discover your identity

​Enjoy your expat life in Germany

I'm Anja and I look forward to supporting you as you begin your new life as an expat in Germany.

Full of passion, knowledge and inspiration about how to adapt to life as an expatriate in Germany, it is my mission to support you.

I am here to encourage and help you – the expat spouse or partner – to overcome your fear of the unknown, master your transition to Germany successfully and make use of the new opportunities it brings, rather than focussing on what you have left behind or given up.

I am here to empower YOU to find balance in
YOUR NEW LIFE and discover FRESH

What motivates me?
My own personal experiences of the challenges and benefits of expat life led me to becoming an expat coach.

Over the years, I have experienced life as an expat from every perspective. From working as an international employee, to living as an expat wife and mother, both when employed and unemployed, I have been an expatriate in every sense of the word. As a result, I understand exactly what it is like- especially when you feel isolated and alone – which is why I do what I do!

My Story:
Born and raised in Germany my passion for traveling began as a teenager. I started my travels as soon as I could and spent over ten years as an expat across the world, living and working in France, the USA, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland and Argentina.

I first experienced expat support when I attended Intercultural Training for the first time, before I moved to Singapore. Finding it really insightful, I became interested in intercultural communication training.

Whilst living as an expat in Argentina I started delivering Intercultural Transition Workshops to expat spouses and became a Certified Intercultural Trainer & Coach. The workshops were very successful and I decided that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

When I moved back home to Germany I started my own business XPatServices, helping expats to relocate to Germany and coaching them to
master their transition. At the same time I am working with many different local and international organizations.

My goal is to help you to turn frustration into hope, loneliness into love, resentment into trust, sadness into excitement, confusion into curiosity, and rediscover your identity and who you are.

Ready to move forward?

I look forward to meeting you,

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Are you ready to create the life you love in Germany?

Recently relocated and found yourself struggling?
Do you recognize any of these feelings?

​Do you feel overwhelmed
by the amount of change?

​Are you experiencing distressing thoughts and feelings about relocating to Germany?

​Do you feel lonely, isolated, bored, dissatisfied, purposeless, confused, helpless, angry, fearful, or full of selfdoubt?

​Do you miss your friends, family, the food, the culture?

​Are you unsure about how to make friends, get involved in the local area and rebuild your support system?

​Do you need somebody to give you some guidance and support?

​Have you given up your own career or job? Do you wonder how you can utilize your skills and talents in your new life?

​Do you feel being exposed when people ask: “What do you do?” or “What brought you here?”

​You desire a better understanding of the local culture and customs and how it is affecting you?

​Are your feelings affecting your
relationship or your family? Do you have feelings of resentment towards your partner about the move?


​Let me support you.
Work with me and I will help you to discover the new opportunities that this move brings!

"5 steps to Expat Joy and Success in Germany"

​5 reasons why an Expat Coach
is right for you!

​You might ask yourself "Why do I need a Coach? Isn't a Coach just for business people, leaders and executives?"

Consider yourself as an entrepreneur and leader - You are working and leading a team - you are managing all the little bits and pieces to do with the relocation. You have to find new solutions and methods to set up your daily life and are learning all the time.

If you don't take care of yourself and are unhappy, it will have a huge impact on the whole relocation. Moving to a new and unknown country is an enormous challenge. Your husband will go off to work, or might be traveling a lot, your children will go off to school… and who is left to take care of you?

You are left feeling lonely, unhappy and resentful?
Yes - you are in a major transition full of uncertainties. This is a difficult and confusing time so it is critical to get it right. Learning from your mistakes is useful, but spotting a problem before it becomes an error is better!

This is where I can help - I am equipped to help you wade through the complexities of relocation.

  • ​My continuous guidance and support will keep you motivated and help to keep you on track. (It’s like going to the gym – you are more likely to achieve your goals if you can go with someone)
  • ​With my experience and coaching tools you will discover new perspectives and ways to overcome the barriers that prevent you from moving forwards and achieving your goals.
  • ​Gain a clear picture of who you are, explore your mindset, strengths & values and set realistic goals that improve your personal circumstances.
  • check
    ​Receive an objective analysis of your situation with honest and practical feedback that will enable you to move forward quickly and smoothly.
  • check
    ​As you overcome the difficulties and challenges, you will discover new opportunities and experiences, personal growth and get your old self-confidence and happiness back!
  • check
    ​You will love your life again!

​Why I am the right person to support you:

  • Through my own personal and professional experience I know every worry that you have and hurdle you will encounter.
  • ​It is my mission to help you to master your transition and find your happiness and fulfillment during your assignment in Germany.
  • ​I respect and appreciate everyone and every culture. I treat every client with care, honesty and openness. My passion is to support you to draw the best out of yourself.

​My Coaching will empower and support you to create the life you love!

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Would you like to become part of my private FB community "Expat Joy and Success in Germany" - Join Now!

In this free online community you will find positive support, exchange with like-mined people and invaluable information for your stay in Germany.