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Expat Loneliness – a taboo subject?
Does this sound familiar to you? It is 9 o'clock in the morning. Your children are at school, your husband[...]
How to survive as an expat partner in Germany
If you have recently moved to Germany as an expat partner, you may well be wondering how exactly you do[...]
What every expat needs to know about housing in Germany
When faced with the prospect of moving to Germany, one of your first concerns of course will be about where[...]
Why your planning for 2019 should be inspired by butterflies
New year, new plans. Whether you make New Year's resolutions, set some firm goals or make detailed plans, a new[...]
7 great tips to make moving less stressful
Moving is exciting but it can also be one of the most strenuous things you do in life. When you[...]
A quick guide to the best German Christmas traditions, you won’t want to miss
If you are spending Christmas in Germany, you will want to make sure that Christmas is as good as it[...]
Why learning German is so important – and a matter of mindset
So you are wondering whether you should learn German? Or should we say whether you have the time to learn[...]
The reality about becoming an expat wife
With one flick of the aeroplane doors it is gone. The independence, the choices, the freedom to do what, when[...]
How to be kind to yourself – surviving as an expat wife in Germany
When you become an expat wife in Germany, everything becomes more intense. Whilst you use more energy and draw on[...]

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