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A quick guide to the best German Christmas traditions, you won’t want to miss

If you are spending Christmas in Germany, you will want to make sure that Christmas is as good as it is at home. That means catching up on all the best Christmas traditions that Germany has to offer. What's Christmas without traditions? Whether you are an expat partner or have recently moved to Germany, this is your new home, so it makes sense that you want to incorporate the best German Christmas customs into your festivities. Here's a quick guide, so that you don't miss the best German Christmas traditions this holiday season.

If you want to enjoy the best German Christmas traditions there is nowhere better to experience it all than a German Weihnachtsmarkt, a German Christmas market. A trip to a German Christmas market is an unforgettable experience that packs all of the best German traditions, into one eventful evening.

How so?

Famous all over the world, whether you are an expat partner or have recently moved to Germany, you will probably have heard of a German Christmas market before.

German Christmas markets are fun occasions to indulge in some hilarious Christmas festivities with friends and loved ones. This translates to plenty of alcohol, lots of laughter and brilliant memories of hilarious gifts, cobbled streets, beautiful buildings and good times.

There are tons of Christmas markets all over Germany. The most famous ones are in Munich, Berlin, Heidelberg and Nürnberg, but Munster, Aachen, Bernkastl and Trier have some lesser known ones that are well worth a visit.

What's the fascination? As well as the pull of pottering amongst the many stalls selling a whole host of Christmas fare, there is also plenty of spectacular architecture on display. You won't want to miss the magnificent historic churches and cathedrals that surround the market squares and all the charming little shops to explore. 

Not to be forgotten is all the great beer, wine and thoroughly naughty, but essential, fried and sugary seasonal food to devour (which will obviously be one of the children's highlights).

Now of course every experience has its frustrations, so as you savour the mouth-watering scents of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine, do be prepared to find parking an absolute nightmare!

The packed festive crowds will cause the annual panic as you try to locate friends, fellow accompanying partners and loved ones, but that's all quickly forgotten with a deliciously warming alcoholic drink, or two (there's so much on offer, it's hard to resist).

It is always good to follow drinks with food. What better food is there to pair with festive alcohol than a Wurst and maybe some Pommes too? Many questionable food choices later, you'll want to get further drinks, because of course, you will now be thirsty, again!

Next, it is time to stumble over the impressive, but oh so impractical, cobbled streets and giggle  at the unique, amusing gifts and festive fare on offer throughout the market.

Once you have shopped until you are ready to drop, feeling warm and full of Christmas cheer, you may well want to round things off with a wonderfully tempting kebab. German traditions, done properly! Only 365 days until it is time to do it all over again.

What are your recommendations for Christmas traditions in Germany? How are you incorporating them in your life here? And how about your recommendations and experiences with Christmas Markets in Germany, where have you been and which ones do you recommend? I would love to here your stories and experiences , please add your comments below. 

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